Gyoan-teori (kusaki-zome)
[Gyoan hand-woven fabrics(colored with plant dyes)]

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History (Origins)

Hogushi-ori production is believed to date back to the Edo Period (1600–1868).

Characteristics (Techniques and Materials)

Thread is colored with plant dyes (kusaki-zome) from madder, ume apricots, chestnuts, Japanese horse-chestnut leaves, and other sources and then hand-woven with the utmost care to make cloth with a tastefully simplistic and natural appearance.

Traditional Craft Promotional Video

Contact Information

Gyoan Nishikata
671-1, Tsukiyacho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi, 326-0068
TEL: +81-284-42-9063


Additional Remarks : Gyoan Nishikata

Our hand-dyed, -woven and -illustrated fashion goods, interior decorations, accessories and other fabric-based items are carefully crafted with great attention to detail. These stylish goods have proven very popular among customers.

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