(taiko drums)

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History (Origins)

Production of taiko drums in Shimotsuke started during the latter half of the Edo Period, which lasted from 1600–1868.

Characteristics (Techniques and Materials)

The optimal materials for making taiko (wadaiko) drums are Japanese zelkova wood and leather from Japanese brown cows.
These wadaiko boast lovely wood-grain patterns, excellent sound quality, leather material that resists loosening through use, and a reddish-brown coloring.

Contact Information

hirokazu onozaki
1615-52, Imazatocho, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi, 321-0402
TEL: +81-28-674-8611


Heiya Onozaki
960,Yasuduka,Mibu-machi Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi, 321-0201
TEL: +81-282-86-0037

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