Sano no Iki-ningyo
(Sano Iki-ningyo Dolls)

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History (Origins)

Production of these dolls began in the area known today as Tochigi City during the early Meiji Period (late 19th century), and during the Taisho Period (1912–26) production was also started in what is now Sano City.

Characteristics (Techniques and Materials)

Each doll's head is elaborately designed using washi traditional paper or similar and placed on the torso, which acts as the foundation. Found throughout Japan, Sano Iki-ningyo dolls may depict famous historical figures, can be used in haunted houses, and have a variety of other uses.

Contact Information

Makoto Yanagi
727, Tanumacho, Sano-shi, Tochigi, 327-0806
TEL: +81-283-62-0279

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