Sano-dorei / dobue
(Sano earthenware bells / flutes)

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History (Origins)

Sano-dorei·dobue appear to have inherited the techniques used to make earthenware stoves and Imado dolls, items falling into the category of Imado-yaki (Imado ware) which dates back to the late 16th century (Tensho Era).

Characteristics (Techniques and Materials)

Taking the form of zodiac animals and other auspicious creatures and objects, these dorei (earthenware bells) give off a light and airy tone, whereas the dobue (earthenware flutes) emit a warm, simplistically pure tone.

Contact Information

Shunsaku Aizawa
1893, Inubushi Kamicho, Sano-shi, Tochigi, 327-0806
TEL: +81-283-22-6351

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